The Tellington TTouch is a valuable tool that can help animals overcome a variety of problems including: dislike of contact, noise sensitivity, lack of balance, hyperactivity/restlessness, nervousness and travel issues.


The TTouch Bodywraps are one of the many tools used in TTouch. The bodywrap enhances a dog's sense of his own body, and makes him more confident in his movements and behaviour. It is especially beneficial for dogs that are afraid of loud noises, are nervous, hyperactive or experience panic when travelling in a car. The bodywrap gives the dog a sense of connection and feedback about tension and space.  


The quarter wrap is the simplest configuration for dog and handler. A single bandage is laid across the chest and crosses the top of the shoulders before being attached around the barrel. This wrap is generally the easiest for dog to accept, so this makes it a good introductory configuration. Easy application makes it also a nice choice for very active, anxious dogs that have difficulty being still.


To apply quarter wrap, place the wrap about 1/3 of the way from the end, in the middle of the dog's chest, keeping the short end just over the middle of the back. Cross the wrap over the back and bring the longer end under the dog's belly and tie it. 



 Check out "How To" on Tellington TTouch Canada YouTube channel!