The Tellington TTouch is a valuable tool that can help animals overcome a variety of problems including:

 Dislike of contact
 Fear of the vet  Grooming issues
 Handling issues  Reluctance to be petted
 Defensiveness due to injury  Hand shyness

 Noise sensitivity  
 Fear of thunder  Fear of fireworks
 Reaction to household noise  Gun shyness

 Lack of balance  
 Leash pulling  Stumbling
 Training difficulties  Poor performance
 Gait irregularities  Stiffness

 Jumping up  Excessive chewing
 Excitability  Spinning
 Excessive panting  Pacing
 Lack of concentration  Inability to settle

 Fear biting  Timidity
 Lack of confidence  Reluctance to socialise
 Separation anxiety  Jealousy

 Traveling issues  
 Excitability  Excessive vocalisation
 Vomiting  Excessive salivation
 Reluctance to get in car  Restlessness