Nothing beats traveling with a true friend.


Ireland is an amazingly beautiful country and experiencing it with your dog makes it even more amazing! On this page Sky and Moon will tell about their travels in dog friendly places around Ireland.

"A couple of years ago we went to spend Valentines Day in the beautiful south - south County Cork that is. Our owners had found out about this BB that would even allow us to stay with them, so they decided to give it a try. The place was called Carbery Cottages and it is situated on Sheep's Head peninsula near Bantry in County Cork.

After a long drive, with a lot of walkie breaks we finally arrived in Durrus which was just minutes away from our destination. The lovely couple who owned the place came to welcome us, but even after we investigated their hands we could find no treats... Ah well, they did smell very doggy, which was a good sign!

First they showed as an area in the back, where we could run around and do are business (and reminded our owners to clean up after us). It was great to have a good run after all that traveling in the car! Then they took us to our room and we even got our own bed. Now that was luxurious! And from our room we had straight access to the "running free" area. How cool is that!!!

From the doorsteps of the BB we could go for walkies, but our owners decided to venture out further. So we drove around the Sheep's Head peninsula stopping for walks here and there. Unfortunately there was areas where we were not allowed, and that was a bit of a downer... But we still got to smell and see a lot of nice places.

We also went over to the Mizen Head peninsula, which was great. There is this nice beach, Barley Cove, where we had a great run around and swim. And only a few minutes away was a place called Crookhaven. In Crookhaven the owners decided to go for a lunch, so we thought we would have to stay and wait in the car. So image our surprise when they took us into the pub! Oh, the warmth and the atmosphere and the nice people who greeted us and gave us some cuddles. We didn't get anything to eat though, but we could smell this great seafood chowder... Unfortunately nothing fell on the floor...But we still enjoyed the experience!

After all this driving, walking, smelling, experiencing it was nice to get back to the BB and relax on OUR bed."