TTouch session, when working one to one with your dog, will usually take place in your home.


It is recommended you consider having at least 3 sessions to be able to work through issues, learn the skills required to continue your dog's progress and become comfortable with the training methods.



Within the sessions your dog will be assessed, a history or update obtained and work undertaken towards helping your dog and you with the issue / issues.


Goals will also be set for your dog and you to work on between sessions.


The first session usually last from an hour and a half to two hours. In this time Jetta will gather history, assess and work with your dog and then teach you any relevant work. Any further sessions are usually around one hour long. The lenght of sessions is regulated by the dog Jetta is working with, as often for animals "less is more"!


TTouch session price is €70.00.


To book a one to one session or if you are interested in hosting a workshop, please call Jetta on 087 246 9629 or email 





Photo Copyright: Kiltti Valas